1. New Website!

    I have a website now, so instead of posting blogs to tumblr, I will post them directly to the website. :)

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  3. Someday, we might all get along..

    I’ve found myself in an interesting position a few times this week.
    That is, the topic of homosexuality and the church, has come my way a handful of times.
    And I get it.  The church, historically, and in some cases presently, has not and does not treat homosexuals very well.
    I get that a significant amount of faith-based people treat homosexuals and bisexuals like dirt.
    I get that there is hurt.
    And if that is being voiced, I’m behind the people voicing their concerns 100%.
    I am all for Bill 18.  I left a church I attended /because/ they weren’t LGBTTQ-friendly.
    However, more often than not, in the past year, I have seen the reverse.
    I have definitely not seen perfection from the side of faith, but in a lot of instances, I have seen attempts by faith communities to build bridges, and people in the LGBTTQ community denying those attempts.  Not even denying the attempts, but outright throwing them back at the faith community.
    I have seen more effort from the faith community to reach an understanding and be accepting, than the other side.
    I have seen the LGBTTQ community say “well you’ve oppressed us like this, so we’re going to oppress YOU like this”.
    I don’t believe that fighting fire with fire works, ever.  Especially not here, when the issue is that some parts of each side, don’t think that the other side is decent.
    Again, I’m not saying that the LGBTTQ community has no reason to be upset. 
    They totally do.
    But, I’m saying that if one side is reaching out, the other side should meet them somewhere.
    I’m saying that the LGBTTQ community has a lot of issues, and anger, towards people who put them all in the same stereotype of “promiscuous” and whatnot. 
    Well, I have an issue with the fact that because I’m of faith, I get put into a category of “homophobic” and “naïve”. 
    I’m saying… I don’t care if God can’t be proved.  Love can’t be proved.  A whole heck of a lot can’t be tangibly proven.  But we choose to believe.  I choose to believe in God.  I choose to believe in love, and hope, and a better tomorrow. 
    I choose to believe, regardless of the overwhelming lack of evidence, that someday, we might all get along.

  4. WV Job Update

    Hey there,
    So, I’m just sending out a job update.
    I was contacted tonight by the job I was interviewed for in Zimbabwe -
    The e-mail said that it took longer than anticipated for them to reach
    a decision due to several strong candidates, and that they will not be
    moving forward with my application of that position.
    HOWEVER, have you ever heard: “when one door closes, another door
    opens”?  Well, two doors opened.  She said that there are two other
    Internship positions that they are trying to fill, both in Laos.  She
    asked me to review the positions and let her know: “asap if you are
    interested in these positions.  If you are interested, I can set-up
    interview/s asap.”  I reviewed the positions, and am putting my name
    forth for both.  Which means that my future is still uncertain.
    While I am bummed that I was not accepted for the Zimbabwe position, I
    look forward to seeing where these new interviews might lead me.
    Again - I am not going into these blindly.  I anticipate that these,
    too, will be competitive positions.  But I am thankful and honored to
    be considered a strong enough applicant that they would even offer the
    opportunity to be interviewed.
    I will keep you updated as I find out more.

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  6. 03:09 15th Apr 2013

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    I was asked a question:

    You keep saying you’re not a ‘women’s self defence’ instructor. Why not?

    Simply put, “Women’s Self-Defence” can be one of two things: it can be a women-only safer-space, in which case I am not allowed to be there, or it can be a contribution to rape culture; a…

    A bit of a different situation, but this brings me back to one of the most important techniques that we used when interviewing children in Africa who were afraid to talk to us; make it less interviewy/structured as possible.  After five minutes of them not talking, we asked if they wanted to go outside and walk around.  Instantly, when we weren’t divided by a table, when the interviewers weren’t holding pens and notebooks, when we weren’t in their classrooms, they opened up.  I’ve used this several times since.  It’s more comfortable, and almost like hanging out with a friend that you can learn from, as opposed to an “I’m the one with the notebook, and you’re going to tell me information so that I can evaluate you and your community.”

  7. Bill 18

    These are a series of messages between myself and a friend about Bill 18.

    She sent me this: http://www.upworthy.com/a-stand-up-comedian-sums-up-the-gay-rights-debate-in-30-seconds

    Sherrie-Lee R Chiarot:
    Anybody who uses the bible or Christianity as a reason for their homophobia is a moron who doesn’t understand scripture. Scripture is contextual. It was written at a specific time period.
    Take tattoos: I got a tattoo, and somebody at booth commented. They used Leviticus 19:28. Well, just a few verses before that, it says that you can’t eat any fruit of vegetables that haven’t been cultivated for something like 3 or 4 years.
    The bible also says, 100% more explicitly than “being gay is bad” (because the bible doesn’t say that at all), that people should love one another. So by being homophobic, and NOT loving one another, they’re breaking that.
    For as many bible verses there are that MIGHT, OUT OF CONTEXT be taken to say that homosexuality is a sin, there are double that which DIRECTLY state that those people who judge others or are cruel to the oppressed are sinners themselves.
    People who call themselves “Christian” and then uses arguments that aren’t even from the bible that they claim to so closely follow, are hypocritical idiots who need to grow the fuck up and get educated

    Pastor Ray HOLLA!!!!!!!!!


    What is this guy ON? REALLY? The bible is “hate literature”? It’s “hate literature” because people like him are using it as an excuse for their petty, meaningless being afraid of change.
    The bill isn’t REQUIRING there to be an LGBTTQ club in schools, but simply saying that there CAN be.  They aren’t going to make schools have a club, if the student’s don’t WANT that, but they’re saying that schools do have the RIGHT to that club if they want. So, why don’t schools leave it to the community of STUDENTS to decide? If the students don’t want the club, then it’s a non-issue to them. And if they do want it, they have to allow it.  It seems pretty simple to me.

  8. Satellite

    Life is uncertain and strange.
    Sometimes I don’t understand a damn thing.
    What am I doing here?
    Why am I not there?
    What will I be doing soon?
    Why did I do this then?
    I am a skeptic.  I trust rarely.
    Sometimes I wonder if I really trust at all.
    I ask a lot of questions.  And I’m pained by a lot of questions.
    I don’t like questions and often, don’t ask them because its exhausting.
    “Why?”, “What if?”, “When?”, “How?”. 
    It’s fricken exhausting.

    In January of 2011, I went and saw Jamie Tworkowski of To Write Love On Her Arms speak at University of Manitoba.
    I was just starting to attend church again.  I was just starting at the Laurel Centre.  It was also around the time that I started to publicly comment on issues surrounding sexual assault.
    I was a mix of hurt and excited and wonder and joyous and nervous and confident and scared to death.
    And I love Jamie Tworkowski.  He is a large part of the reason that I am who I am.  He’s a large part of the reason that I can smile and laugh. 
    It was through him that I first learned about hope, and redemption, and community. 
    But Steven McMorran has changed my life.
    I laugh a lot at how funny and ironic God is. 
    I couldn’t understand a good 50% of the words that Steven was singing that night.
    It’s funny that I don’t like questions, but 50% of the lyrics to the songs that Steven sang were a mystery to me.
    I hate the unknown. The unknown has hurt me too much before.
    But that night, the unknown became a friend who understood me perfectly.
    What I did know, is that whatever he was singing was real and true.  I knew that I didn’t need to know all of the lyrics to understand the emotion. 
    So I closed my eyes and listened. 
    And cried.
    I cried throughout his entire set.
    I talked to Steven after the concert and on my CD, he wrote “thanks for crying”.
    It was the first time somebody ever gave me permission to cry and feel.

    I was listening to their new CD tonight, just because I haven’t listened to it all the way through.
    And now I’m here.  Writing about music, and about the first time I felt free to feel.
    About being hurt and excited and wonder and joyous and nervous and confident and scared to death about everything that life has to offer.


  9. 20:53 31st Mar 2013

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    Chloe perfectly explains why using the Old Testament as a reason to be homophobic/not let same-sex couples wed is silly.







    This is what breaks my heart. I was trying to convey a message of people picking and choosing what to believe / use as the basis for an argument from the Old Testament, that Jesus talked about Love, and to not judge others. But instead, I get this. Proving my exact…

  10. WV Prayer ask

    Hi, Friends,
    As you know, I will be graduating in April.  I have been looking for
    jobs since January, and applying to many, even if it is a position
    where I can simply “get my foot in the door”.  Recently, a job has
    found me, and it has caught my eye, as well as my heart.
    It is a 10 month, paid Internship with World Vision.  This particular
    position would have me spending four months in Canada, and six months
    working in Zimbabwe as a Community Engagement and Partnering Assistant
    Intern.  The primary tasks in the field for this position include
    conducting gender analyses and working together with the program
    management team to develop a partnership framework and will help
    facilitate the initial planning processes together with these
    This job combines everything that has shaped me greatly since the
    start of my post-secondary education five years ago; a journey that is
    coming to an end in about a month.  It allows me to work with World
    Vision, an organization that I did my first Internship for my degree
    with, and an organization that I have come to greatly love.  It will
    allow me to go back to Zimbabwe, a country that has had my heart since
    before I ever arrived there in 2011.  A country that taught me
    everything I know about hope, and faith, and community.  Through this
    position, I will be able to work to provide hope for a better tomorrow
    for the people of Zimbabwe.  This job also will allow me to put to use
    my knowledge of gender issues, a subject that many of you know I am
    deeply connected to.
    The timing is also perfect.  I will graduate in April, so this is the
    ideal time for me to take a once-in-a-lifetime position for 10 months.
    I’m e-mailing you in hopes that you would be willing to pray for me;
    that if this job is what God wants me to do, He make that happen.
    I am not going into this blindly; I know that I might not get this
    job.  With that being said, if it isn’t who gets the position, I ask
    that you pray for whoever it is that does get the honor of this role.
    With hope,
    Sherrie-Lee R. Chiarot